Annalisa Piras was asked to give the keynote address to a conference held in Kolding, Denmark by The Alternative as part of the DiEM25 project.

The Alternative is an​ action-oriented international party and movement with a special focus on serious sustainable transition, everyday democracy and the entrepreneurial creative power of society and individuals.  

In extending the invitation, the organisers said:

"We are very interested in incorporating different voices of progressive Europeans, e.g. yours, which we have come to know through your work in the Wake Up Foundation and from the film The Great European Disaster Movie."

The event is the third in a series of events addressing different but related themes of concern:

1) The need for improvement of the democratic structures in the EU

2) The need for more solidarity in Europe and in the EU

3) The question of how we revive the EU as a peace project.


"We see ourselves as a movement, which has the courage to imagine a radically different future. We develop our politics through our innovative political laboratories, where citizens come together to develop and debate new ideas and visions. It is our way of engaging both the public and experts in our political work. Our core aim is to hear and include as many voices as possible."

On the European level, The Alternative's key aim is "to create a more progressive and democratic European Union based on a stronger participatory democracy and new ways of practicing democracy in a European context".

For more information on these initiatives:

'Denmark's green Alternative, The Guardian, 16/6/2015



Note to editors:

Wake Up Europe! is a campaign run by the Wake Up Foundation Ltd, an educational charity.

Our aim is to provoke and promote discussion about the future of Europe. We are non-political and financed through grants, sponsorship and private donations.








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