What are the purposes of the Wake Up Foundation?

As stated in its registration with the UK Charity Commission, The Wake Up Foundation is an educational charity dedicated to public and institutional education in relation to the economic, social, cultural and political history and contemporary positions of western democracies.


What is The Great European Disaster Movie?

After their film, Girlfriend in a Comawhich provoked a national debate within Italy, director Annalisa Piras and former editor of The Economist Bill Emmott turned their attention to the political, economic and identity crisis facing Europe with another hard-hitting and creative current affairs documentary.

The Great European Disaster Movie, starring Angus Deayton, is a BBC/ARTE co-production. It was filmed in five countries and has so far been broadcast in 12 and translated into 10 languages, including Japanese. The Wake Up Foundation has bought the film’s educational rights, on a non-exclusive basis.

The film uses fictional scenes from a dystopian post-EU future as its narrative thread, with the British archaeologist Charles Granda (played by Angus Deayton) explaining to an Italian girl seated next to him on a plane, what went wrong with Europe and what was lost. The documentary sections of the film reflect five European values, each represented by an artefact: economic integration; welfare and the social model; freedom of movement; equal rights and democracy; and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

When it was first shown on BBC 4, in March 2015, the film sparked controversy in British Eurosceptic circles, where it was dubbed ‘EU propaganda’ despite its critical stance towards the European institutions, for daring to posit that the European project is worth saving.

What view do you take of the European Union?

As individuals, Bill Emmott and Annalisa Piras are both highly critical of the EU and its constituent governments, but believe that the case for collaboration between EU countries remains strong. They therefore believe that the EU is worth saving and reforming. The Wake Up Foundation exists to provide education through its projects and to give others the tools with which to draw their own conclusions.


What else is the Wake Up Foundation doing?

Alongside Wake Up Europe!, the foundation is currently developing a civic education course for Italian schools and a statistical indicator and database about how well Western countries are preparing themselves for the big trends of the 21st century, including demography, technological innovation and globalization. Further projects will follow.


Are you connected to any political parties?

Neither the founders as individuals nor the Foundation itself has any political affiliation. As a charity registered under UK law, the Foundation is anyway barred from political campaigning.


How is the Wake Up Foundation financed?

The Foundation has raised its launch financing from a range of private, non-governmental donors, none of them connected to any political party or movement.


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Wake Up Europe is a campaign brought to you by the Wake Up Foundation. It was sparked by the themes explored in The Great European Disaster Movie by Annalisa Piras and Bill Emmott.

We believe in the values that inspired the European project but that this project isn't working. Europe is sleep-walking towards disaster. We must wake up Europe so that we can save Europe from itself.

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