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Wake Up Europe! is a campaign brought to you by the Wake Up Foundation. The aim is to generate a pan-European exchange of ideas about the future of Europe, guided by the themes explored in The Great European Disaster Movie, a docu-drama by Annalisa Piras, executive-produced by Bill Emmott.  

Watch the short film below to find out more about our work...

What we're about

Annalisa, Bill and the team fear that the European Union is in danger of imploding, thanks to a myriad mistakes but above all Europeans’ own complacency and lack of awareness of what is going on.

So Wake Up Europe! is intended to seize the future of Europe away from the chattering classes and empower people all over the continent to talk about it, to think about it, and even to work together to get something done.

What we have to offer

Register here as an organiser and, if you can get a venue and a group of people together, we will give you the tools to host a successful event. The venue can be informal or formal, the group big or small. We will give you the right to screen the film free of charge, along with a debate pack to help you structure your debate afterwards.

What we ask in return

Spread the word to others to host more events. Pose to your audience four questions (they are included in the debate pack) and send us the results. Make sure you use the #wakeupeurope hashtag during your event. Finally, share with us any photos, video, and stories from your event.

More information about us and the film can be found in FAQ.


  • A campaign focusing on real European issues and real people and their understanding of these issues. The debate on Europe is about to get interesting!

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    Kinda Haddad

    Founder of Bulbula, London, UK

Our Team

Our small team is made up of passionate journalists and campaigners who want to find new ways of engaging the wider public on the threats facing European democracy and society. We think the future of Europe is too important to be left to the 'experts' to decide. 

  • Annalisa Piras
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  • Bill Emmott
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    • This is an exciting, fun, and much-needed initiative to foster debate and controversy, and to connect conversation across countries. We are looking forward to using the campaign's online tools in hosting our screening at UCL!

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      Dr Claudia Sternberg

      University College London, UK

    Supportive Organisations

    The Wake up Foundation is grateful for the encouragement and support provided by a range of organisations. Regardless of their position on Europe (or lack of) they all share our values of openness, dialogue and freedom of expression. 

  • Free Word Centre
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  • Use Your Vote
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  • The Good Lobby
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  • UCL Europe Institute
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    • No one is talking properly about Europe, people are either shouting "get out" or keeping quiet about it. It's not that simple, which is exactly why people need to discuss the issues properly. Being able to screen The Great European Disaster Movie for free plus some basic tips on how to organise a debate will really help people tackle the subject and generate the debate we really need in this country. 

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      Charlie Clift

      Photographer, London UK 

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    The Wake up Foundation is a registered charity no. 1152894

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    Wake Up Europe is a campaign brought to you by the Wake Up Foundation. It was sparked by the themes explored in The Great European Disaster Movie by Annalisa Piras and Bill Emmott.

    We believe in the values that inspired the European project but that this project isn't working. Europe is sleep-walking towards disaster. We must wake up Europe so that we can save Europe from itself.

    This job is too important to be left to the elites, the media, the political parties alone: ordinary people must be encouraged to discuss what Europe they want to see.

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