Day of Awakening - New Europeans, London

Contact: Paulius Mackela
Tel: 07831323354

Monday, May 09, 2016
06:00 PM

House of Commons, London
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 0AA
United Kingdom

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Europe Day 2016
we warmly invite you to this private screening
followed by a conversation about the crises facing Europe.

Europe is facing the worst set of crises in our post-war history.

We face the threat of Brexit, the rise of the National Front in France, security threats in the Baltics, threats to democracy in the Visegrad states, the challenge of finding a humane, liberal response to the refugee crisis, climate change, migration, austerity, mass unemployment, the rise of populist leaders and parties with a programme to undermine the European Union and what the EU stands for.

Above all we face a crisis of values and identity.

What does it mean to say "I am a European" in the world of the 21st century.

What are our rights as EU citizens and how can we defend and develop them?

What kind of Europe do we want?

What kind of Europeans do we want to be?

Is Europe sleep-walking towards disaster?

This event is one of a series of screenings and debates across the EU
to mark Europe Day 2016, which we are calling the Day of Awakening.

Join us as we come together in London and around Europe to think, to talk and to act.

In view of the limited places available at the House of Commons,
we are restricting this invitation to members of New Europeans and one guest.

It's time to Wake Up Europe!



Please use Cromwell Green (visitors) Entrance. Screening will be held in the Committee Room 12 (please ask security officers or other staff members for guidance).


House of Commons, London
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 0AA
United Kingdom
Google map and directions


Paulius Mackela · · 07831323354


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