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Below are a selection of downloadable files that can be used to create posters and files for your events. Choose the file format that you are most comfortable with and click on the button to download the files.

Once downloaded, open the file in an appropriate, compatible program, edit the copy to reflect the details of your event and print.



These files were created in the CS6 version of InDesign, however the downloadable file also contains an InDesign Markup Language (.idml) file which should open in older versions of the program. 

A4 posters   A5 flyer


A4 posters  A5 flyer


A4 posters   A5 flyer


A4 posters   A5 flyer



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Wake Up Europe is a campaign brought to you by the Wake Up Foundation. It was sparked by the themes explored in The Great European Disaster Movie by Annalisa Piras and Bill Emmott.

We believe in the values that inspired the European project but that this project isn't working. Europe is sleep-walking towards disaster. We must wake up Europe so that we can save Europe from itself.

This job is too important to be left to the elites, the media, the political parties alone: ordinary people must be encouraged to discuss what Europe they want to see.

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