RUB-European Dialogues: Germany and Italy together for Europe is an initiative promoted by the research group of the University of Bochum RUB-Europadialog. We are 18 young scientists and scholars from all around Europe who strive for European integration by promoting transnational projects on the topic “Europe as crisis and discourse: ideas check – venture practice – take responsibility”.

In this context the Crisis is understood as a European core phenomenon, not a current state description. Europe is a discursive space that is considered to be capable of crisis. Crisis is a permanent condition, whereas decision situations have to be met and solved. "Criticism and crisis" (R. Koselleck) are the basic phenomena of bourgeois liberal society, which makes up modern Europe. Like J. Habermas, we see the public, i. e. discursive intervention and design as a form of any crisis management appropriate for Europe.

In particular, the aim of RUB-European Dialogues: Germany and Italy together for Europe is to promote a series of events in locations in Italy and Germany (but not only) using the screening of the docu-drama The Great European Disaster Movie as a starting point to explore the relationship between the two countries in the European context. We strongly invite anybody interested in taking part in the initiative to contact our colleague Matteo Scotto at scotto.matteo@gmail.com. To take part in the events already scheduled please RSVP by the clicking on the link for the relevant event on the left.

The project RUB-Europadialog is kindly supported by the Mercator Foundation.