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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
09:00 AM

Liceo Ginnasio Statale G.B. Vico
via Salvator Rosa 117
Naples 80100

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The Young Federalists Movement (JEF, French Jeunes Européens fédéralistes) section in Naples is looking forward to host a series of events concerning the European Union within the next months. Our first appointment will be November 27th, on that day we will be at "Liceo G.B. Vico" in order to talk with senior students about European Institutions,  power balance, sovereignty related issues, democracy and integration. Our goal is getting to know what young students, (who represent tomorrow's bakers, teachers, engineers, managers, ruling class and so on) think of the European Union. What does EU mean to all of us? Is it really just some authoritarian government far away from us (like a lot of Eurosceptic activists say nowadays) ? What is EU's influence on our everyday lives? Thanks to the EU we are the first European generation that hasn't experienced war, that is of course not a coincidence. We will talk about future scenaries, about how the European institution system could be improved in order to reach unity so that instead of having to tell our children what the EU once was, we will hopefully raise them in the United States of Europe. 

We will first screen "The Great European Disaster Movie" and after that we will start our debate. 


The Union of European Federalists (UEF) is a pan-European, non-governmental political organisation dedicated to the promotion of European political unity. It was founded shortly after World War II, in the belief that only by uniting into a European Federation could the states of Europe overcome the divisions of the past and ensure a future of peace and economic prosperity. Throughout the past 70 years we have been a leading voice in the promotion of European unity and an early campaigner for key milestones in the development of the European Communities and then the European Union. We believe that completing European economic and political unity is urgently required to ensure Europe’s economic prosperity and relevance in a fast-changing world.  As federalists we are critical of the slow-pace and small-steps policy that impedes progress towards a greater European integration.  We consider nationalism, Euro-scepticism and passive acceptance of division as Europe's worst enemies. As federalists and voters we passionately call for a European democracy where European citizens - not just national governments - determine the policies of European government. The UEF promotes federalism as the optimum way to organise European unity in a way that is democratic and effective while preserving the diversity of our European countries.

What we do : 

We raise citizens' awareness of European issues and the need for European political unity through organised campaigns, public debates, conferences in schools and universities, seminars, street actions and information stands.

We promote the European Federal Project among political parties and politicians at local, national and European levels through lobbying activities, public debates and initiatives in European, national and local parliaments.   

We call on national governments to act for a united and federal Europe with petitions, appeals and advocacy activities directed towards decision-makers and opinion-leaders.

We contribute to the European debate with our publications, policy briefs, websites, newsletters and press releases.

We promote the need for European political unity as the response to different policy issues by cooperating with other non-governmental and civil society organizations and platforms.

We engage against nationalists and Euro-sceptics and explain and promote federalism as the way to organise European economic and political unity while preserving the diversity of European countries.



Liceo Ginnasio Statale G.B. Vico
via Salvator Rosa 117
Naples 80100
Google map and directions


Sarah Meraviglia · · +393317178540
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